Sign the petition and say "NO" to incinerating more waste in Beddington

The Liberal Democrat-approved Beddington Incinerator is trying to increase the amount of waste it burns. 

Sign the petition below and say "NO"!

An application has been submitted by Viridor to increase the amount of waste that is processed at the Beddington Incinerator. 

If approved, even more waste will be imported from outside our area to be incinerated at Beddington. 

The Beddington Incinerator was originally designed to treat up to 302,500 tonnes of waste. This application would allow it to take up to 382,000 tonnes per annum. This is a 26% increase in waste.

In the last 12 months slightly over 65,000 vehicle movements have been made to the incinerator. The draft proposed variation would increase projected vehicle movements to up to 76,000 per annum. This is a 17% increase in vehicle movements, further adding to the appalling traffic congestion Beddington Lane. 

The Liberal Democrat-run Council approved the Beddington Incinerator and has sat by whilst things have escalated there.

Viridor submitted its application to increase its waste capacity in December 2021. A public consultation is due to take place over summer with a determination later in the year. See here for Viridor's draft plans for more details (subject to potential changes before the consultation opens).

Sign my petition below and together we can show the Liberal Democrat-run Council and Viridor that we do not want even more waste brought to our area to be incinerated. 


Petition to Stop the Beddington Incinerator Expansion

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I oppose Viridor's application to increase the amount of waste that can be processed at the Beddington Incinerator and call for permission to be refused.