Crime survey

I want to hear your views on other steps which could be made to help you feel safer. I have put together this survey to hear your views on crime in our local area and to find out where your real concerns are. 


Crime Survey

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1. Do you agree with Elliot's campaign to put more police in higher crime areas locally?
2. What TWO actions would make you feel safer?
3. What is your TOP concern when it comes to crime?
4. How satisfied are you with our local police?
5. Are there any crime hotspots you'd like local police chiefs to know about?
6. Have you experienced antisocial behaviour or crime recently?
7. If you or a family member has recently experienced crime, how satisfied were you with the police response?
8. Has litter and/or fly-tipping got better or worse over the last 12 months?
9. How concerned are you about drugs in local schools?
10. Do you feel that our pavements and paths are well-lighted enough at night?
11. When it comes to antisocial behaviour, what's your TOP concern?
12. Have you noticed an increased police presence on our streets over the last year or so?
13. Are there any hotspots for littering or graffiti that haven't been dealt with?
14. The Government is introducing tougher sentences for criminals, so that life in prison actually means life in prison. What TWO other measures would you like to see?
15. Of all the actions that the Government is taking to cut crime, which TWO are your priorities?
17. We'd like to stay in touch about the issues you've raised and our other campaigns and activities. So please tell us the best way to get in touch by ticking the relevant boxes. You can opt out at any time
18. To help us make this survey representative, please let us know how you voted at the last General Election in December 2019?
19. And how did you vote in the June 2017 General Election?
20. Putting party politics aside and thinking about them as people, which of the main party leaders would you prefer as Prime Minister?
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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