Southdown Road wooded area Survey

As the Member of Parliament for Carshalton and Wallington, I am always keen to hear residents’ views on the matters that will affect their lives the most.

I have had some residents of Southdown Road, Kenny Drive, Burns Close, Pine Ridge and Stanley Road get in touch with me about the issue of the wooded area in between these five roads. Issues include things like overhanging vegetation and damage to property. This is also something I know local councillors Moira Butt and Tim Crowley have been hearing from residents.

Some people have shared stories of this being a regular occurrence and, despite reporting it, no action has been taken.

Moira, Tim and I have launched this survey to get a better idea of what residents think about this issue. We will pass the results onto the landowner in order to urge them to take action by cutting back the vegetation and putting a regular maintenance schedule in place.

Please take the time to share your views with me.

In the meantime, if there are any other issues you would like to raise with me, please feel free to contact me on 020 8773 2843 or You can also contact your local councillors via the contact details below:

Southdown Road wooded area Survey

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Have you experienced problems as a result of overgrown vegetation in the wooded area to the south of Southdown Road?
What sorts of issues have you had to contend with?
Have you ever reported this before to anyone, e.g. councillors, an MP, the Council, the landowner, etc?
If yes, did you get a reply?
And would you be willing to share it with me to help me get a history of the issue?