Save Carshalton Fields Surgery

Thousands of people in Carshalton could lose access to vital NHS services as the landlords of a local GP surgery have given notice to evict the practice, forcing patients to scramble for alternative healthcare.

Four thousand residents are registered with Carshalton Fields surgery on Crichton Road, which now faces closure next month following a property dispute between former practice partners and building owners, and the current practice partners. 

I, along with Councillors Moira Butt and Tim Crowley, have joined forces with Carshalton Beeches patient group, calling on the current landlords to increase the notice period by at least six months so healthcare provision can be secured for patients.

The decision taken by the landlords will have huge repercussions for our local community. The surgery supports some seriously ill people, people with comorbidities, children and  elderly patients - it is unacceptable to put them in a position where they cannot access primary healthcare. 

Other GP services in the area already have a full intake of patients, it would be unrealistic for them to take on 4,000 patients in the space of the two months notice given. 

Everyone should have access to appropriate healthcare and the landlords’ decision is stripping them of that access. I am appealing to their conscience to put patient health ahead of any individual dispute. The very fact that the people involved are doctors themselves, should mean that is a priority to them. It’s not too late to do the right thing.

Patient Mavis French has been registered with the surgery for more than 40 years. Both she and her husband are registered disabled, and she is very concerned about the impact it will have on his care: 

"My husband had a stroke and has limited mobility and short term memory loss. For him to have to go to a different surgery and see different doctors would cause him severe confusion and anxiety.  

"We have always been very happy with the practice and the care we have received, as our doctors have been so compassionate and professional. We are both in our 80s so to hear this is happening is extremely worrying.

"We hope a resolution can be found soon."

I am trying to support the surgery in their efforts to either secure longer to leave or re-open discussions about buying out the property.

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Save Carshalton Fields Surgery

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I call on the landlords of Carshalton Fields Surgery, Sutton Council and the NHS South West London Integrated Care Board to work with Carshalton Fields surgery to allow them to remain at their current site or give them longer to find an alternative site.