Queen Mary's Estate and Oaks Park High School Bus Survey

I have been approached by some residents of the estate, as well as pupils and staff at Oaks Park High School, about the issue of buses in the area. This is also something I have spoke about with your local Councillor Moira Butt and Tim Crowley, and our local London Assembly Member, Neil Garratt.

Residents, pupils and staff have reported dangerously overcrowded pavements, overfull buses and lack of transport options. There have also been some that have suggested that buses should come down Diamond Jubilee Way and serve the estate.

Neil, Moira, Tim and I have launched this survey to get a better idea of what residents think about this issue. We will pass the results onto Transport for London (TfL) to ask them to look into.

Please take the time to share your views with me.

In the meantime, if there are any other issues you would like to raise with me, please feel free to contact me on 020 8773 2843 or elliot.colburn.mp@parliament.uk. You can also contact your local councillors and London Assembly Member via the contact details below:

Queen Mary's Estate and Oaks Park High School Bus Survey

  • Current How you use the buses
  • Your details
Before we start, are you a resident of the area, a pupil/staff member at Oaks Park School, or both?
Do you use the 154 or S4 bus routes near to the estate/school?
How often do you use the bus?
Are there any other bus routes in the Borough that you use?
Previously X26
What time(s) of day do you tend to catch the bus?
What's the main reason you use the bus?
Which of these statements best describes your use of buses?
Have you experienced any of the following issues with buses?
Would you like to see any of these changes to buses in your area?