Protecting our parks and cleaning up our air

The air should be safe for local people, especially our children, to breathe. I will stand up for our parks and open spaces by opposing over development, and fight for the promised Beddington Farmlands to be open to the public as soon as possible. 

I'll continue to campaign for better air quality monitoring near the Lib Dem-backed incinerator to ensure you and your family can breathe cleaner air.


The Incinerator

Emissions from the Beddington Incinerator continue to be the number one concern for local residents when it comes to tackling air pollution locally. 

I have already spoken about this issue twice in debated in Parliament, as well as asking a question of the government. 

In addition, I have visited the site to raise concerns directly with Viridor, the South London Waste Partnership and the Council. 

We need to see a new air quality monitoring station installed close to the incinerator, so we can have independent analysis of the affect on air pollution, not just from the incinerator, but also from the increase in traffic movements to the site. 

I will also be holding them to account over their promise to deliver the Beddington Farmlands for local people to enjoy. 


Protecting our parks and open spaces

Our parks and open spaces are not safe in this Council's hands. 

Their record is incredibly poor, whether it be the potential housing development on Wellfield open space or the suggestion that there should be a permanent Gypsy and Traveller site in the Roundshaw Playing Fields area. The Lib Dem-run Council have repeatedly refused to rule out selling parks.

As well as delivering the Beddington Farmlands, we must not allow our parks and open spaces to be sold off or used for inappropriate development. 

We must strike a balance between the need to provide additional housing and infrastructure, whilst protecting our parks and open spaces.


A greener area

I am incredibly ambitious for our local area when it comes to tackling climate change. 

As a councillor I voted in favour of declaring a climate emergency, and I want to see Carshalton and Wallington lead the way on this topic. 

Whether this be a trial area for a deposit return scheme, calling on supermarkets and big businesses to produce less waste, improving recycling, etc, I believe we can be a trailblazer in addressing climate change. 

I will be supporting measure both locally and nationally to do just that.