Harrow Road Survey

When I was out on Harrow Road and the surrounding areas on the 20th January, many of you shared concerns with me about the issues of speeding and potholes on Harrow Road. 

It was felt by some people that it is often used as a cut through, that cars can drive alarmingly fast and that the road is in need of resurfacing. 

To that end, I have set up this short survey to get a better understanding about everyone's thoughts on the matter.

I will compile the responses and send them onto the Council to take action where residents think it is needed. I will also share the results with you. 

Harrow Road Survey

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Do you think there is a problem with cars speeding on Harrow Road?
To what extent would you agree that Harrow Road is used as a dangerous cut through?
What enforcement measures do you think would be most effective at reducing speed here?
Do you think there is a problem with the potholes on Harrow Road