A good school place for every local child

Having been born and raised in Carshalton and Wallington, I have been through the local education system myself, as well as being a member of the People Committee on Sutton Council as a local councillor, which oversees the Council’s performance in the few areas it still has responsibility for as a Local Education Authority. 

I have seen first-hand the hard work and dedication of local teachers and all staff within the local education sector. Thanks to their efforts, our Borough consistently performs incredibly well, with pupils of all backgrounds and abilities going on to achieving their full potential. 

However, that is not to say that we do not face challenges. 

We need to build the secondary schools to make sure our children have a good or outstanding local school to go to, stand up to the Council's failure of EHCP and SEN provision as well as providing opportunities for our young people, such as running my own apprenticeship scheme.


Down Syndrome Bill Committee Stage

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the Committee Stage of the Down Syndrome Bill- of which I am a co-sponsor. 

Along with the Bill's main sponsor, Dr Liam Fox, we made a number of important changes including: 

Down Syndrome Bill Debate

This morning I had the opportunity to speak in the debate on Dr Liam Fox MP's Down Syndrome Bill, of which I am proud to co-sponsor. 

Highview Primary School Visit

This afternoon I visited Highview Primary School to discuss COP26 and UK Parliament Week with pupils. 

Harris Academy Sutton UK Parliament Week Visit

To mark UK Parliament Week locally, I was delighted to join Paul Scully MP and Councillor Catherine Gray at Harris Academy in Sutton to talk about Parliament and life as an MP. 

Wallington Primary Academy Visit

This afternoon I visited the fantastic pupils at Wallington Primary Academy to talk a bit about life as an MP and take part in a Q&A! 

Culvers House Primary School

I was thrilled to visit Culvers House Primary School this afternoon to speak with Year 4 about single-use plastics and protecting our environment.

Visit to Stanley Park Junior School

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking to Stanley Park Junior School’s Year 4 Class where I had the chance to finally meet my 2020 Christmas Card Winner, Shuddhi.

Green light for new school at Rose Hill

Today the independent Planning Inspectorate announced they would be granting planning permission for a new school on the old un-used all-weather pitch at Rose Hill.

Disabled Children's Partnership and Sutton EHCP Crisis Group

This afternoon I met with the Disabled Children's Partnership and the Sutton EHCP Crisis Group to discuss the ongoing need to properly support vulnerable children and their families through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and beyond.