Plough Lane Road Safety

I was recently contacted by a Highview Primary School pupil about road safety concerns along Plough Lane. 

Jessica wrote the above fantastic letter to highlight the concerns she has when walking along Plough Lane and into the Chase estate each morning and afternoon with her brother and sister. Jessica notes the road is extremely busy and cars frequently speed past, making Jessica and her friends scared to walk to and from Highview Primary. 

Jessica also wrote about her love for animals and the environment as a reason to why she wishes to walk to school every day; something I am hugely supportive of!

I have therefore created the below survey to further understand this issue from those who walk along Plough Lane regularly, as well as those children who attend Highview Primary School who feel unsafe. I will then contact the Council with the findings and push for greater safety measures to be implemented, such as barriers or railings to separate the road from the pavement. 

If you would like to keep updated on this issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch at



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Plough Lane Road Safety

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Have you experienced road safety concerns when walking along Plough Lane?
What is the primary issue you have experienced?
Would you support the installation of barriers or railings near the bridge to make the pavement safer?